Canada's Top Pop Choir Organization

Here’s a handy guide to help you make the most of your audition for KW Glee:

Be sure your song is fully memorized so you don’t need to see a lyric sheet.  Having a second song prepared is a great idea.

Bring your backing track or sheet music.  If you are using an iPhone or something similar, please take the case off, so we can plug it into our system quickly.  If you have sheet music, please put it in a binder so it’s easy to play from.

Bring your performance resume and head shot.  We only need one copy, and we don’t need a folder for it.  The photo doesn’t have to be professional – it just helps us remember who you are.  Your resume should list any training or experience that’s relevant to performing in our group.  Try to keep it to one page, and put the most recent items first.

We will definitely cut you off.  This is standard, as we don’t have time to hear an entire song.  You are welcome to start at the second verse or something similar if you know the song has a part that you’d like to be sure to sing for us.

Have fun and be yourself.  First impressions count.  Keep in mind that we are seeing many people over the weekend in 5 minute intervals.

We want you to succeed!  We are there to help you.  We can see past a cold, or a word fumble – we are good at seeing the big picture.