Canada's Top Pop Choir Organization

Code Of Conduct

Our Members have been chosen to be in KW Glee not only because they impressed us with their talent, but also because we believe they are able to be reliable and behave professionally throughout the rehearsal and performance process. In order to ensure that this is a wonderful experience for everyone, the following rules of conduct must be observed by each person. Each Member agrees to this code of conduct upon accepting their spot in our group.

Members of KW Glee will not participate in bullying, discrimination, abuse, or any form of violence in person or online. Anyone who is found to violate this rule may be dismissed without a refund.

You must attend all rehearsals (within reason).  Detailed instructions will be emailed before each rehearsal, or as needed.  Members who miss a rehearsal without notice will be on probation. Members who miss more than three rehearsals may be dismissed from KW Glee without a refund, or removed from certain numbers.  By accepting your position in this group, you have carefully reviewed the appropriate group’s dates listed at, and you agree to attend all rehearsals and performances.  Rehearsals during show week, dress rehearsals and shows are mandatory.  Be sure to have also checked with your school and other groups that you are a part of for dates that conflict before agreeing to this term.  Do not schedule anything during show week as we may need to add extra rehearsals.  

Arrive on time. You must be ready to go when rehearsal begins. It is a good idea to arrive 10 minutes early to ensure that you are organized and ready to begin. You must also return from breaks on time.  Lateness is recorded and chronic lateness will not be tolerated.  Being late is a choice!  

Be Prepared!  You will need a binder and a pencil with eraser to mark the music you’ll be given. You will also need a water bottle. Make sure you bring these items to each rehearsal.  Please put your name on them.

Closed-toed, indoor, comfortable shoes must be worn at all times. No high heels, flip flops, sandals or bare feet.  Please remove wet footwear. Please wear comfortable clothes to rehearsal that you can move in. Converse-style sneakers are recommended.

Guests are not permitted at rehearsals. Family members & friends are not allowed in rehearsals.

No phones during rehearsal. Please turn them off and put them away prior to entering the rehearsal room.  We provide sheet music on paper, and you can’t read the PDFs well enough on your phone. If you want to use a tablet to read your music, that is permitted. Any electronic device that is in rehearsal must be used for rehearsal purposes.

The use of tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, vaping, or any illegal substances is strictly prohibited. Students who bring any of these items into a Glee rehearsal or performance will be dismissed without a refund.

You are a member of the public relations team for KW Glee. Please keep your conduct both in person and online positive as to maintain the image of KW Glee and its members and affiliates.

Please adhere to the COVID safety rules. These may vary as the term progresses depending on recommendations from public health and other advisory sources. In the event of a public health shutdown that causes the term to be cancelled, I understand that a refund many not be available.

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