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Between terms this year, we have had some spots open up in our senior group, and in some of our classes (ages 9-17), so we would like to announce that we are accepting auditions for our 21st term.

Please see the audition information below.  Please submit audition videos and resumes by January 2nd, 2020.


For those that we cannot take in Senior or Junior, we have invite-only classes that we may offer you a spot in.  You can see more information about all of the groups here:


Video auditions are to be uploaded to YouTube with visibility set to Unlisted, and the link emailed along with resume and photo to  PDF is preferred for the resume. Please sing along with a karaoke track. Also include your current grade on your resume.  Do not send video files as attachments.

Please read all of the information below:

Rehearsals for seniors start January 18th, and classes start February 8th. The rehearsal and show schedule for Senior / Junior is posted here:  and classes here:  Please only audition if you can make all of the Saturday rehearsals (and Monday for seniors), and are available during show week (extra rehearsals may occur the week before the show). We allow performers to miss up to 3 rehearsals if absolutely necessary, but you may be asked to leave the group if it exceeds that number, or if there are conflicts show week.  Please check with your school and other organizations that you are committed to for conflicts before agreeing to be part of this group.

Please prepare a pop song. We are mainly interested in pop music style singing. To get a sense of what material we have done in the past, please search for KW Glee on YouTube or iTunes. 

Please use a karaoke track or accompany yourself on an instrument (guitar, piano, ukulele) if you want to and are at a level to do so. A cappella auditions are not permitted. It is recommended that you choose a song that is age-appropriate (particularly for younger performers), and reasonable for your skill level. It is better to do an easier song well than to do a more difficult song and not quite be able to master it.  Most people use karaoke tracks found on YouTube.  You can also find good karaoke tracks at

Please send a performance resume that lists relevant singing, dancing, and performing experience, and headshot photo.  The photo does not need to be professional.  Include only experience and training related to this type of group and information about lessons, previous groups or shows, dance experience, etc.

Please contact Steve Lehmann with any questions you may have: